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How To Increase Immunity ? Home Remedies ~ Top Foods Diet to Boost Immune System

How To Increase Immunity ? Home Remedies ~ Top Foods Diet to Boost Immune System:

Our immune system helps in defending the body against the diseases that cause micro-organism. When immune system fails to perform the function perfectly it results in the increase in diseases and infections of the body.

How To Increase Immunity 

Our immune cells play an essential role in preventing the entry of bacteria as well as the viruses in the body. The cells are of lymphocytes or the T cells that fight the molecules as well as the B-cells that produce antibodies as it responds to harmful molecules.

Top Foods And Diet to Boost Immune System


When red wine is consumed in a controlled way it works as an amazing boost we for our body’s immune system. Wine helps in killing the foreign body and also help in killing certain bacteria for eg. salmonella. This wine also works to prevent the coronary diseases of heart when consumed in moderate quantity. A glass of this can help in boosting immunity of the body and also protects the body against common problems such as cold and stomach disorder. But high consumption can be dangerous and cause damage to the liver and also destroy the immune system of the body. So it is important to consume in a controlled way.


It is the best ingredient available at home that people use when they get sick. Ginger helps in decreasing inflammation. It also works in reducing the sore throat and also works in other inflammatory illnesses. Ginger helps in decreasing nausea. It is also used in many sweet desserts, packs of ginger, a relative of capsaicin. It also decreases the chronic pain and also possesses the cholesterol-lowing properties.


Spinach also helps in increasing the immunity of the body not because it contains vitamin C but is also packed with many antioxidants as well as beta-carotene. It also increases the infection. It fights the ability of our immune level.  It works the best when it is cooked less as it will help in retaining the nutrients. The less cooking also enhances the vitamin and allow to release the acids.


Consuming one tablespoon of honey in a day is very beneficial for having a good immune system. It is an antioxidant, antibacterial as well as antimicrobial agent that helps in protecting the body from viruses, fungi as well as bacteria. Honey also works to improve the digestive system by treating the acids.It also helps to give the soothing effect to the throat, regulate blood sugar level, treating cough and cold.


Whenever it comes to prevent or fighting off the cold, Vitamin E works best to take a backseat to the vitamin C. Vitamin E is a key that makes sour immune system healthy. It is a fat-soluble vitamin. It also requires the presence of fat so that is can be properly consumed. Nut such as the almonds is packed properly with healthy fat. A half-cup serving which is about the whole of 46, shelled almonds, It provides nearly 100% of the suggested amount of vitamin E.

It is really important to consume right so that you can make your immune system healthy. Add the above food in your diet so that you can get positive results.

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