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Stress, Anxiety & Depression Overcome Tips Ideas : How to

Stress, Anxiety & Depression Overcome Tips Ideas: How to :-

Stress is experienced when encountered with demanding adversity and pressure. Reaction to stress may lead to anxiety and stress over time is depression. The following tips can help in overcoming stress, anxiety and depression.

1. Walk

There is no doubt about walking being an excellent stress buster. First of all get
out of the enervated environment if possible into nature if not then any pavement is
fine. The very act of walking assuages anxiety, elevating your mental state to take
control and think straight.

2. Facing your fears

The root of all stress is fear. Sit down with yourself, take your
journal and have a deep honest conversation about what is it that you are dreading.
What is the worst possible thing that can happen? Enough of the prevarication, it is time
to confront your fears and confess your feelings. Once you do that start thinking about
solutions. Tony Robbins author and life coach quotes, ”Leaders spend 5 percent of their
time on the problem and 95 percent of their time on the solution.” Read and watch
biographies, inspirational interviews and documentaries of successful people. It mollifies
to know that every person especially successful people too have gone through
depression and champions prevail over setbacks.

3. Journaling

  • It is very important to journal your thoughts and feelings. It keeps your monkey
    mind from wondering, facing one problem at a time. Remember journaling is
    only to be aware of your thoughts and emotions so you can either drop the ones
    not helpful or replace with healthier thoughts and feelings. It is not to get into
    self-pity, blame or wallow.


  • Once you start journaling, writing down your feelings and thoughts, start tracing
    them to when did you first get that feeling. You may not remember the exact
    event but you will get the sense of it and be awed at the fact that your mind will
    start taking you to precise places down the memory lane. Trust in its wisdom. It
    is your inner child and intuition. Go through it fully aware. Try keeping aloof and
    detached and watch as if you are watching a movie in a theater as to what
    happened exactly before the feeling . What caused you to have the feeling in the
    first place. Once aware of the feeling, know that you have the power to forgive
    and love. You have the choice to either drop it or replace it with an emotion and
    belief of your choice like beliefs of success, forgiveness, happiness and belief that
    you can be, do or have anything you choose.


  • Journaling will help you keep a track of how far you have come. The exercise
    above makes change so natural that we forget we had problems in the first place
    hence, sabotaging our success.


  • Another good exercise is to journal three things that went well that day and
    provide causal explanation for its occurrence. As our aim is move towards
    success and wellbeing, this is an equally important exercise as above, preferably
    should be done from the day you start journaling. According to Positive
    Psychology what you appreciate, appreciates.


4. Have Faith

Know that there is a God who is higher and bigger and taking care of
everything. Faith, prayers for strength and guidance can placate your anxiety. I was
skeptic myself until I met Dr. Chandra Shekhar author and founder of SIGFA who has
successfully cured his own cancer and many others through God and a meditation
technique called Psychonuerobics.
Release one by one your concerns to the Universe, the Divine. Know that you are doing
very well and taken care of. Just allow the answers to come to you. In short, ‘Let Go and
Let God.’ What do I during “Let go and Let God” phase? Well, I relax, go into the nature,
go to Temple, listen to music, walk, abstain from negative people, adhere to positive
people and fill my mind with unlimited uplifting videos, programs and books. This helps
the subconscious mind to come up with perfect answers. Does it work? Absolutely.
Remember you are a Divine child and you deserve the best.

5. Meditate

Start with five minutes in the morning. While meditating just watch your
thoughts and breathe into your stomach and not the chest that is breathe from
diaphragm. Diaphragm is the muscle of breathing placed between lungs and the
stomach. This is a natural and correct form of breathing much like what children do
while sleeping. If you watch a child sleep you will notice the stomach moving in and out
as a child breathes.
So these are the steps you need to take:
Step 1: Sit comfortably on chair or on floor in half-lotus or full lotus position. Back
straight and relaxed.
Step 2: Close your eyes and breathe through diaphragm i.e. stomach moves out when
you breathe in and stomach moves in when you exhale.
Step 3: Watch your thoughts and breathing. Do not fight your thoughts. Do this for 5 to
10 minutes in the morning.

Step 4: Now through out the day, every hour pause for a minute, become aware of your
thoughts and do a quick meditation.
Step 5: Next day repeat from step 1. You will be surprised that the next day meditation
has become so easy. That is because you created a momentum and got the momentum
going throughout the previous day.

6. Love Yourself

Learn to fall in love with yourself. Start by hugging yourself. Embrace
all of you. Take yourself out. Get to know yourself more. Work hard to make yourself
happy. Time and again you may relapse into old onerous habits that is exactly when you
have to love and take extra care of yourself. Do what makes you feel good. Accept
yourself. Downsize criticism. You are already enough. You are already perfect.
Don’t be hard on yourself. Take it easy. So what if you fell. Help yourself to get up slowly
and tell yourself that tomorrow is another day. We will start again.
And whenever you did something applaudable or achieved a goal. Congratulate yourself
and celebrate. It is very vital that you do so as our subconscious mind starts linking
celebration to achievement and moves in the direction to produce more of the same.

7. Release

When releasing and healing some people not everyone, tend to become
worst and may feel more anxious and may have some outbursts. It is part of detoxing.
During such period just accept and love yourself.

8. Visit a therapist

If you have gone through a trauma anytime in your life or having
suicidal thoughts, see a therapist urgently. There are various treatments available for

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