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How to Do Natural Hair Blowout at Home ? Blowout Hairstyles Tips

How to Do Natural Hair Blowout at Home ? Blowout Hairstyles Tips:

It is very easy and painless to blow out the natural hair at home. In this post, I have written the complete method from when to start and when to end the most workable way by which you can blow out your natural hair.

Natural Hair Blowout at Home

Below are the steps that will ensure less breaking of hair, more beautiful and smooth hair for blowout hairstyles tips

  • Firstly wash your hair with the help of shampoo and I’ll suggest to do it twice and remove the water. If possible apply conditioner as well and then rinse. Try to use a normal conditioner or the conditioner with normal protein.
  • With the help of a t-shirt remove all the excessive water. Leave the conditioner to damp hair as not dripping the wet hair and let the hair gets dry with the open air.
  • Make sure the hair gets dry a little prior to the time when you apply heat as it helps cuticle to close. Trap the moisture inside hair cortex but before let hair air dry for few minutes.
  • It will work on elongating your curl and also help you in stretching the process. Start with the first section and apply heat protectant from roots to the end. Repeat this process in each section of hair.
  • If the person uses the high-quality heat protectant try to avoid such products.
  • Applying the heat protectant to your damp hair also work as a filler and a sealant to the hair cuticle. It also results in more protection for blow dryer of the hair.
  • Repeat the process until your air gets dried.
  • Over it with the help of work done. Cool air present in the hot seal of hair that was created at the time of blow dryer to be more resultant.

I hope you found the above steps easy and effective and you’ve got your desired beautiful blow dryer look.

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