How to Stop Sleep Paralysis ? Causes _ Tips – Home Remedies

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis ? Causes _ Tips – Home Remedies:

Did you experience any type of temporary paralysis? Are you not able to speak, move or react in any situation? All these experiences are perhaps due to an occurrence of sleep paralysis. We know you must not be aware of this term.

Stop Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which a person temporarily experience paralysis that occurs on a temporary basis and is unable to speak, move and react for some time. In simple words sleep, paralysis is a transitional state in between the sleep and wakefulness which is occupied by hallucinations.

Symptoms Of Sleep Paralysis:

  • Paralysis temporary of the voluntary muscle as well as the inability to speak, react etc.
  • Muscles atonia or the weakened muscles.
  • Sometimes it may be growing symptom of hallucinations.
  • The rare growth of symptoms like inappropriate breathing or a kind of choke in the chest.

Causes Of Sleep Paralysis:

  • Physical fatigue
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Mental stress
  • medications
  • Pre-existing conditions of disorders in sleeping like a migraine, narcolepsy etc.

Home Remedies to Avoid Sleep Paralysis

You don’t need any type of professional help for the problem of sleep paralysis in many cases. The solution to the problem is it lies within you. So you need to keep in mind few therapies to be done at home to get rid sleep paralysis:-

  • Try to maintain the regular sleep schedule. It is an important therapy to be practiced on your own for paralysis in sleep.
  • Do regular exercise as it can very effective for the people having paralysis of sleep.
  • take a cup of warm soup as the most workable remedy for paralysis of sleep. Take it before you go to sleep.
  • Consuming milk before bed is a good option.

Now it is said that paralysis of sleep is not dangerous and it can be life-threatening. It gives great relaxation to the people who ever met any kind of temporary paralysis. So do not take tension about it and stay happy.

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