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Top Delicious Healthy High Quality Protein Foods

Top Delicious Healthy High Quality Protein Foods:-

Protein is one powerful nutrient.It is a part of every living cell, and it plays a major role in your body from building your body tissues to making important hormones.An adequate protein intake in the diet is important across the life cycle, especially as we age.

Healthy High Quality Protein Foods

 What is High-quality protein?


When it comes to choosing the protein, it is important to realize that all proteins are are not created equal.High quality or complete proteins contain all the indispensable amino acids in the appropriate amounts needed by humans.The quality of protein is also related to its digestibility and animal proteins are highly digestible.For example meat and cheese have a digestibility of about 90%, where as cooked split peas are about 70% digestible.

Top excellent food sources of high-quality protein include

  • Meat, poultry, and fish
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Beef
  • Eggs
  • Tofu
  • Legumes(dry beans and peas)

Role of protein in your body

As a nutrient, protein performs many functions in the body.An adequate dietary protein intake is important for building maintaining and repairing body tissues.The body’s structural components, such as skin, muscles, bones and organs are made up of a larger part by protein.Many hormones and enzymes that function to regulate body process and chemical reactions are made up of protein.Proteins are also used to make antibodies to fight diseases.If you do not consume enough carbohydrate and fat, proteins can also supply your body with energy.

Here are the list of high protein content foods

All values are per 100gms.of edible portion.

Cereal grain and products


  1. Bajra-11.6g
  2. Barley-11.5g
  3. Italian millet-12.3g
  4. Maize(dry)-11.1g
  5. Rice,bran-13.5g
  6. Wheat flour (whole)-12.1g
  7. Wheat germ-29.2g

Pulses and legumes


  1. Bengal gram, whole -17.1g
  2. Bengal gram dhal-20.8g
  3. Black gram dhal-24g
  4. Green gram, whole-24g
  5. Green gram, dhal-24.5g
  6. Horse gram, whole-22g
  7. Khesari, dhal-28.2g
  8. Lentil-25g
  9. Rajmah-22.9g
  10. Red gram, dhal-22.3g
  11. Soyabean-43.2g

Leafy vegetables

Top Delicious Healthy High Quality Protein

  1. Bengal gram leaves-7g
  2. Colocasia leaves(dried)-13.7g
  3. Fetid cassia(dried)-20.7g
  4. Rape leaves(dried)-27g


Quality Protein Foods

  1. Broad beans-4.5g
  2. Beans, scarlet runner-7.4g
  3. Cluster beans-3.2g
  4. Double beans-8.3g
  5. Jack fruit seeds-6.6g
  6. Sundakai, dry-8.3g

Nuts and oil seeds

High Quality Protein Foods

  1. Almond-20.8g
  2. Cashewnut-21.2g
  3. Chilgoza-13.2g
  4. Garden cress seeds-25.3g
  5. Gingelly seeds-18.3g
  6. Groundnut-25.3g
  7. Linseed seeds-20.3g
  8. Mustard seeds-20g

Fishes and other sea foods

Healthy High Quality Protein

  1. Bhagon dried-67.1g
  2. Bhekti dried-60.2g
  3. Bombay duck, dried-61.7g
  4. Chela dried-64.8g
  5. Chingri small dried-62.4g
  6. Khoyra dried-58.9g
  7. Mutijella, dried-63.6g
  8. Shrimp(small dried)-68.1g

Meat and poultry


  1. Beef meal-79.2g
  2. Beef muscle-22.6g
  3. Egg, hen-13.3g
  4. Finch-26.6g
  5. Fowl-25.9g
  6. Ruff and Reeve-25.9g

Milk and Milk products

Healthy High Quality Protein Foods

  1. Channa, cow’s milk-18.3g
  2. Channa, buffalo’s milk-13.4g
  3. Cheese-24.1g
  4. Khoa (whole buffalo milk)-14.6g
  5. Khoa (skimmed milk)-22.3g
  6. Khoa (whole cow milk)-20g

How to eat your protein

Method of cooking:- Most proteins need to be cooked as it makes easier on your stomach. This applies to all meats, egg and pulses. Only dairy products can be eaten raw.uncooked protein is a harmful to you body. Protein needs a certain amount of processing, cooking.

Protein is found in all meat, fish, egg, legumes, soy, milk and milk products, also found in minute quantities in all your other foods.Whey protein, a powdered milk product has the best biological value and can be used to meet your daily requirement of protein, or to supplement protein in your diet.Importantly, legumes like dal, rajma, chole are not just a good source of protein but they also provide essential carbs and fiber.

Though non-vegetarian sources tend to contain higher amounts of protein(in terms of both quality and quantity) they are also usually high in fat and lack fiber.And while eating red meat we must take care to choose the leanest of cuts, with all the skin and fat removed.

All other sources of protein can be eaten daily.Fish and eggs are better than chicken, fish scores the highest marks because it is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid.But remember, all the non-vegetarian protein option are tough on your body and hard to digest.

Some vegetarians depend almost entirely on soy for their protein intake.Not a very good idea.It is always a good idea to eat from a variety of sources of protein, because of each source’s different kinds of amino acids content.Vegetarians should always eat food combinations because most vegetarian sources have limited amino acids.So the amino acid that your roti lacks is provided by dal, or the one that your rice lacks is provided by kadhi (made out of curd) or the one that certain vegetables lack is provided by seeds like jeera and til that we use in our Indian cooking.

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